Dymatize Amino Pro


Dymatize Amino Pro is a great supplement that gives support to your muscles during intensive workout sessions, and provides high recovery post-workout. The rich 212 mg of electrolytes in each serving stimulates your muscles, helping you to reach your ultimate performance at the gym.
To get the most out of your sessions, Dymatize Amino Pro contains energy-boosting, leading you to your best training sessions ever, and a performance that may shock you.
Dymatize Amino Pro contains free-form Taurine, that is known for being one of the most heart-strengthening amino acids. Another free-form Amino Acid that Dymatize Amino Pro delivers to you is Citrulline, proven to decrease muscle soreness and possible to increase your exercise capacity and blood flow. All these key benefits are only one scoop of Dymatize Amino Pro away!


  • 2.5 gm of BCAAs to aid muscles post-workout
  • Free-form Taurine and Citrulline
  • 212 mg of electrolytes to reach your best performance
  • Non-GMO, Gluten free, and only 5 calories per serving

Directions of Use:

Add 1 scoop (provided) to 8-12 fl. oz. of water.


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