Universal Tribulus Pro


Tribulus Pro is a non-hormonal anabolic booster that contains concentrated extract from Tribulus terrestris. It is characterized by a high content of steroid saponins that help proteins pass through cell membranes. You will find up to 625 mg of Tribulus per dose.


Saponins are chemical compounds whose name comes from the Latin “sapo”, which means soap. They have foaming properties and reduce surface tension in the human body. Steroid saponins help proteins pass through cell membranes. At the same time, they can be converted to steroid hormones or parahormones with anabolic effect. Tribulus Pro is therefore suitable as a natural steroid replacement for strength athletes.

Tribulus Pro and its benefits:

  • a non-hormonal anabolic booster
  • contains Tribulus terrestris extract
  • has a rich concentration of plant steroid saponins
  • the package lasts up to 100 days


Gelatin, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.


Take 1 capsule a day, always before a meal.


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